Supa Herbal Greens Organic Whole Food Powder; 270g/9.6oz

  1. The potent herbal blend contains powerful antioxidant properties that are known to help cleanse the blood, help boost energy and support the immune system;
  2. Also contains high concentrations of chlorophyll. According to many studies, chlorophyll from green plants has shown to combat health disorders associated with ulcers, liver, anemia, immune system, hair, obesity and many other ailments;


Supa Herbal Greens Organic Whole Food Powder; 270g/9.6oz

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  1. his supplement contains 20 plus essential ingredients that include organically grown green foods, raw seeds, wheat grass, whole grains that are naturally rich in a wide range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and dietary nutrients;
  2. With a powerful blend containing phytonutrients from plants formulated into a vegan green powder. These ingredients are known to help support, rebuild and rejuvenate all of your body cells;
  3. It provides the necessary enzymes that are usually compromised when over cooking or microwaving;