Natural Tinted Moisturizer (1floz Glass / Medium Cool Matte)

It is important to moisturize the skin before applying foundation; your skin will reflect a healthy glow. Apply with a cosmetic sponge to evenly spread throughout the face. Use a concealer for under eye circles.  See Bella Mari’s natural mineral makeup to continue to the next step.


Natural Tinted Moisturizer (1floz Glass / Medium Cool Matte)


You have 3 liquid foundation choices for all skin types. To ensure foundation looks natural you need to select a shade that closely resembles your skin tone

Dark Hair / Olive Skin: Use Warm golden deep shades that look strong but natural.
Light Brown / Olive Skin: Use gold undertones and light olive coloring Warm shades.
Dark Skin: Use Warm terra cotta colors, clear hints of orange and bronze hues.
Red Hair / Fair Skin:  Soft pink foundation with a Warm finish.
Fair Hair / Pale Skin: Cool undertones, yellow tones work best.
Beige-Toned Asian Skin: a balanced Neutral mixture of red and yellow.
Pale-Toned Asian Skin: Neutral shades, Ivory tone.